How to track a device with ULT

You can track a device that has ULT app installed in two ways

(a) Track online from any web browser

− − OR − −

(b) Track by SMS


Step 1 - Go to

Step 2 - Enter username, passcode and Get Device Location

Step 3 - ULT gets the current location

Step 4 - Example of street view

Step 5 - In case current location is unavilable, last location shown


Track Location using SMS TRACKING feature of ULT **Works only for mobiles

You can SMS the mobile number of the device with a message containing only the passcode. ULT will reply with the devices current location by sms

Eg: Consider, DeviceName:Johnmobile with Passcode: opensesame. You can sms just the passcode ‘opensesame’ to mobile number +14155079876 of device ‘Johnmobile’

2a) Note: The device must be capable of receiving SMS messages (i.e. the device is a mobile and not just a wifi only device)

2b) Note: If you are sending a SMS to a device in another country - international SMS charges may apply