Universal Location Tracker FAQ

    Q: What is Universal Location Tracker?

Universal Location Tracker (also referred to as ‘ULT’) is an app that allows the Android device it is installed on to be tracked by authorized users anytime, anywhere. All you need is a browser and an authorization (i.e. username & password) and you can get the current location of the device

    Q: How is Universal Location Tracker useful?

    Ans: Imagine the many times you want to find out where someone is, without having to call them:
    - your kid at school or play
    - your spouse on his/her way to work
    - your friend on his/her way to meet you
    - your partner in another continent and timezone
    - you lose your phone and need to locate it
    - you need to track your loved one who is on the move

    You can now do ALL this with ULT! As long as the device has the ULT app installed on it! Log into your iPad / e-Pad/ Note/ PC/ Mac/ Mobile browser, enter authorization and view the location of the other person instantly, WITHOUT disturbing that person at all.

     NOTE: If you want to secretly track the location , that is possible too. ULT has a STEALTH MODE where all notifications will be turned off.

    Q: How can I use Universal Location Tracker?

    Ans: Here are 3 simple steps to use ULT:

    1) Download Universal Location Tracker app from the Android Market and install it on your device

    2) Register your username and create a passcode

    3) Share this username and passcode with anyone who needs to find your location, anytime, anywhere!

    Q: Does ULT work only on mobile phones, or will it also work on WiFi-only devices like e-Pads?

    Ans: No, ULT will work on ANY Android device as long as it has some form of connectivity (Cell Network or WiFi)

    Q: Why do you need both a UserID and a Passcode?

    Ans: A single user can install ULT on multiple devices. Each device needs a unique username to identify it. The passcode provides added protection to prevent unauthorized access. Another benefit of a passcode is to disallow tracking for a period of time or disallow certain people. You can just change the passcode

    Q: How does ULT get the current location of the device?

    Ans: ULT uses the device's GPS (if user has enabled this in the setting) or the network location based on WiFi / Cell Tower Triangulation to get the device location

    Q. At times, why is the current location a bit ‘off’ from the actual

    Ans: If the GPS is not enabled,the network location based on WiFi / Cell Tower Triangulation is retrieved. Most of the times this is pretty accurate but at times it can be a bit ‘off’ from the actual location.

    Q. Why can't I see the street view at all times

    Ans: Street views are only available at certain locations in a map. Not all locations you retrieve will have a street view. Also, street views are snapped to the closed available viewpoint (less than 100 meters) from the current location Example: The current location is street "X" but the closed street view is at street "Y", then Street View 'Y' will be shown. This is better than showing no street view at all.

    Q. Why do I need to wait for some time to get the current location?

    Ans: Most of the time this happens in less than 10 to 20 seconds, but at times it might need upto a minute. It will help our users to understand that real time location retrieve from a remote location is a complex process, as follows:

    1) User requests location of the device 2) Request is sent to the Application Server 3) Server validates request 4) Server checks for device globally 5) Server sends a location update request to device 6) The app on the device then retrieves the current device location based on GPS / Network 7) App sends this information back to the Application Server 8) Application Server finally renders this information to you

    Q: Are there any minimum requirements to install and use ULT?

    Ans: Yes, the Android device needs to run Android version 2.2 and above. Plus, you need a google account on the device to install the app from the Android Market

    Q: What is the impact of ULT on the device battery?

    Ans: ULT has been designed for the most optimal battery use.The location tracking feature (SMS or webapp) wakes up the device only when a tracking request is received. Hence the impact on battery is minimal. Location updates are also optimized for best battery usage. Try ULT to believe it!

    Q: Does the person viewing my location need the app?

    Ans: No, the person who wants to track your location can go to this link on any device (PC, Mac, IPAD, Mobile browser etc) and then enter the username and passcode

    Q: Why does ULT sometimes give me a message ‘Current Location Unavailable’?

    Ans. There is no app which can provide a 100% accurate location all the time. For ULT, there could be several reasons for this:

    a) The device has no connectivity to either Wifi or a Cellular network when a user tries to locate it

    b) Even if the device has connectivity, it needs to get either a GPS fix or cell tower triangulation within the stipulated time to provide the current location

    c) Mobile networks worldwide tend to be flaky depending on where the device is. This might prevent the Application Server from communicating with the device

    In such cases, ULT provides the last known location and time.

    Q: What should I do if ULT cannot get the current location?

    Ans: ULT will ALWAYS provide you with the last stored device location if the current location is unavailable. Based on the last retrieved device location and time you can decide if you want to retry.

Most of the times you would be happy to know the last retrieved location if it is recent enough, but if not you have two options

    1) Retry fetching the current location a few times, with a span of a couple minutes between retries and ULT should fetch the current location of the device

    2) Use ULT's SMS TRACKING feature. If you must retrieve the location urgently, you can SMS the mobile number of the device with a message containing only the passcode. ULT will reply with the devices current location by sms.
Eg: Consider, DeviceName:JohnMobile with Passcode: 878012. You can sms just the passcode ‘878012’ to mobile number +14155079876 of device ‘JohnMobile’

        2a) Note: The device must be capable of receiving SMS messages (i.e. the device is a mobile and not just a wifi only device)

        2b) Note: If you are sending a SMS to a device in another country - international SMS charges may apply

    Q: How does ‘STEALTH MODE’ work?

    Ans: Here is more information on the stealth mode

    1) Install ULT on the device that belongs to the person you wish to secretly track

    2) Select a username,create a passcode and register the device

    3) Go to settings tabs and you need to ‘check’ the check box ‘Enable Stealth Mode’ This will prevent the app from showing any notifications related to tracking

    4) You can now track this person with the above username and passcode from http://ULTwebapp.com

    NOTE Notifications related to expiry of trial will still be shown. Hence its best to enable a stealth mode after you have tried out ULT and purchase an extension

    Q: Can you track iPhones or iOS devices with ULT?

    Ans: Not currently. iOS architecture does not allow an app to provide a location update when the device is sleeping and also does not support sending a sms without user interaction. Due to these limitations on iOS, ULT is currently not ported to iOS devices. Since Android does not have these restrictions, ULT works great on android devices